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Mini navy blue (20-23 roses)

El ramo incluye:

  • 23 rosas recién cortadas
  • Contenedor de agua
  • Sombrerera de 15x16 cm
  • Embalaje de envío Sobre de marca, postal para su mensaje e instrucciones

Nuestro equipo ensambla una composición directamente para su pedido y si tiene algún deseo creativo, con gusto lo cumpliremos.

Mini navy blue (20-23 roses)

Color de rosas
  • You can pick up your prder by yourself at Yoo Panama , 7 floor after aprx 1-1.5 hours after your purchase. You will get a message once your order is complete.

    Flowers in our boxes can stay fresh up to 1.5 week if watered every 2 days.

    Feel free to order online 24/7 however the delivery is processed from 8am -10pm from Monday-Saturday. For the same day delivery please order before 7pm, otherwise your order will be delivered the next day.

    Our boxes have water protection inside and can be re-used

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